MAMA 2020

3 months ago

BTS-related Scandal at MAMA 2020

Mnet omitted Jin from the poster photo, which was a huge shame. ARMY‘s reaction was strong! While BTS marked MAMA 2020, a mistake (we hope it was really a mistake!)...

3 months ago

Why Didn’t BLACKPINK Join to 2020 MAMA?

Why was BLACKPINK absent in MAMA 2020? We open old books! BLACKPINK neither participated in the MMA (Melon Music Awards) nor recorded and sent an acceptance or thank you message....

3 months ago

BTS marked MAMA 2020!

BTS has won 8 awards at 2020 MAMA: Artist of the Year, Album of the Year (Map of the Soul: 7), Part of the Year (Dynamite), Worldwide Icon of the Year,...

3 months ago

Surprise Cooperation from Jessi and Whasa!

Refund Sisters members Jessi and MAMAMOO Hwa Sa will collaborate at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards this weekend. Jessi and Hwa Sa are expected to sing Rain’s song “Gang”....

4 months ago

Latest Situation at MAMA 2020: Knife Edge Competition!

Final statuses have been calculated for different categories for the MAMA 2020 awards. In some categories,  BTS and BLACKPINK have a fierce competition at the top. Let’s look at the...

4 months ago

Who is Ranking First in the MAMA 2020 Votes? How Do I Vote? Here is the voting guidelines!

MAMA 2020 candidates have been announced, votes have started to be cast, and even the number of votes cast has now exceeded 40 million! You can learn our article about...