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Suga Born From His Ashes Like Phoenix

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BTS Suga is back at BTS events after his shoulder surgery and prolonged recovery period. About three months later, Suga was born like a phoenix from his ashes and appeared in the performance “Black Swan”. In the background, Suga emerged from under the ground. When he is on the ground, metal bird wings was at his back and  he resembled the phoenix. At the same instant, BTS Black Swan instrumental version gave our feathers goosebumps. ARMY couldn’t stop thir tears! Welcome Suga! BTS is “7” again!

Here are the unforgettable moments of Suga, who was reborn from his ashes like Phoenix (1 min. 05 sec.):

On January 10, 2021, he performed immediately after appearing on the red carpet at the BTS Golden Disc Awards. The scene started with the instrumental version of Black Swan. We watched the “ON” performance right after. Prominently, BTS members Jungkook and RM changed their hair color and Jimin and V wore Chanel collars around their necks:

And the Dynamite performance:

Suga couldn’t take part in the compelling ON performance but for now at least he can hold a microphone. This is very important because, as Suga previously said (seen from the photos below):

Today the microphone was in his left hand and we understand that he got rid of his shoulder troubles !!!

They performed Life Goes On in front of miniatures of music video scenes. As the most innovative group, BTS continues to offer innovations that will impress and surprise us.

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