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Song List and Preview of the ENHYPEN’s Debut Album


ENHYPEN shared with us the track list of their highly anticipated album, which will be released on November 30, 2020. Let’s make a preview !

Six-song long 1st Mini Album titled BORDER:DAY ONE starts with “Intro: Walk The Line”. ENHYPEN shared a 1.5 minute intro with the same title a few days ago and it was simply amazing. If you haven’t listened, you should definitely watch the video at the bottom of the article. This is a top quality intro that raises expectations from the album!

The title track of the album is “Given-Taken“. This song is about whether the release of ENYPHEN was earned by the members of ENHYPEN or was it bestowed to them? So it is about a dilemma. ENYPEN members competed for weeks in the competition and made it to the finals; from this perspective it is their due. But the audience votes finally determined who would debut. It was actually a both-ways cycle. This is the subject of the song and it is highly awaited!

Not much information was shared or leaked about the remaining songs. But the third song, Let Me In (20 Cube) draws attention with its interesting title! Let Me In is the title of a remake vampire movie dated 2010, but the original is based on a Swedish novel published in 2004 and a Swedish movie released in 2008. I watched the 2008 movie and it was an extremely harsh, chaotic and realistic (!) vampire movie. “Let Me In” represents the fact  that the vampire would not get into the house if the owner of the house does not let her in (in the movie the vampire was a she). Once she enters the house, she remains as the permanent friend of the owner of the house. The blood on the plate on the song list poster also complies this  vampire reference. Let’s see how things will emerge.

The last track “ Outro: Cross The Line ” connects the subject to going out of line; seems to complement the mini album that started by walking on the line.

We are eagerly waiting!

Here is the video for “Intro: Walk The Line”:

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