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Hyunjin and Felix’s Arena Homme interview video is amazing!

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Hyunjin and Felix, two pretty faces of STRAY KIDS, modeled for the February issue of ARENA HOMME magazine. The magazine will include photos and an interview.

Below is the video-clip published about this photo-interview. If we didn’t know the awesome duo are kpop idols, we’d say, wow, look at top-models:

The looks and attitudes of both are so magical! The clothes are also very assertive, but when you watch it for the first few times, your eyes will not see the the dresses at all. The harmony of hair and glances in the photo below, where they stand side by side, is magnificent. The combination that Felix made in this photo with a thin leather jacket over a black and white floral patterned shirt shook me a bit!

In the picture below, a real light source sits behind the chandelier on the floor. We’ve just seen patterns similar to those on Felix’s shirt, but this time they were used in a brown-toned suit ). Wow.

In the close-up shot, we are invited to pay homage to Hyunjin’s perfect facial features (the necklace-earring pair and the t-shirt stance are also magnificent, by the way):

Now we have the chandelier and the Felix combination. This time the chandelier is where it should be, namely hanging from the ceiling. Felix took a deep gaze. The giant pearl earring in his ear immediately catches our attention. Black is cool with Rob de Chamber he wears.

We have seen Stray Kids members modeling before in Arena Homme magazine. In the November 2019 issue, Bang Chan gave an interview. Lee Know and Hyunjin also did it in the April 2020 issue. In the first, Bang Chan presented a very charismatic street fashion:

In the interview with Lee Know and Hyunjin duo, Hyunjin was unforgettable with black hair and glasses. Here is the brutal intellectual:

It’s impossible not to look forward to Hyunjin and Felix’s interview with Arena Homme. What do you think? Meanwhile, the amazing interview that Felix and Hyunjin previously gave for DAZED magazine as a duo, in DIOR outfits here.The great pictures of the two are located here on the other hand.

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