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Seo Yea-ji (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay) is crossed out? Why is here!

seo ye ji

The drama “ It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ” featuring K-Drama actress Seo Yea ji  was one of the phenomenal series of 2020. Seo Yea-ji, whom we watch as the grumpy children’s fairy tale writer daughter of a bad-spirited mother, fascinated us with both her beauty and passionate acting. Obviously, it was her ambitious and jealous attitudes that added movement to the series, whose tempo was a little slow.

Last week, we were faced with the news that Seo Ye ji’s advertising deals were canceled one by one and she was even removed from the cast of “ June “, which would begin to be filmed soon. She was alleged with bullying, but it was not clear what exactly she had done and when. Also, you know the allegations of bullying in Korea are very popular and a robust lynching mechanism is working immediately, regardless of whether some random Kpop idol did something big or negligible. It seems as if the public is ready to ambush, and when a news comes, they flee. See Hyunjin, Soojin, Irene, and so on…

So what is the 31-year-old Seo Yea-ji accused of? Her track record is a little fluffy. She first made the agenda with the alleged pressure on her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun, we will talk about that in detail in the later parts of the article.

Then, those who took advantage of this situation immediately put the pro-allegations on the market. The actress was allegedly yelling at the TV show staff for tiny things, blowing cigarette smoke in their faces, and then grabbing their phones and checking whether they were recording these movements. In addition, she didn’t eat at all when she was bored, and she wouldn’t let the show crew to eat while she doesn’t eat herself. She were threatening them by saying: “if I see your mistake, I will not forgive you, I will get you fired!”.

Meanwhile, Seo Yea-ji was previously accused of bullying during her school years, but her agency had rejected it. Those things had also come back to haunt.

I now got “gossip overdose” for just summarizing the allegations, I almost despise myself. Reporting is hard work. But, still, It’s not over yet. Now let’s go back to the topic of “dominating the boyfriend”:

Seo started dating her boyfriend Kim in 2018. During Kim’s K-Drama “ Time “, Seo constantly imposed that there would be no scenes where you he would ever get close with the female lead actor Seohyun (Girls’ Generation) and other actresses. He shouldn’t even look at them for a moment! As if that weren’t enough, she asked her boyfriend to act rude and aggressive towards the actresses. Moreover, she made it so that she would watch him from the camera while the boy was shooting, and officially asked for live video footage. And even, she forced him to talk to the screenwriter  to remove romantic intimacy parts from the script. Who seriously applied this demand.

Seo’s agency said: “ These are normal quirks among lovers. There is nothing to magnify. Kim was also always jealous of Seo and wanted such things .” As it turns out, Kim also specifically put “no kissing” on Seo. Could the “chemistry we don’t see very much” in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay be due to this? Honestly, Seo was giving the emotion really well, making up for the lack of a male actor who did not have much tricks (by the way, that boy was the K-Drama actor who earned the most in 2020, since he earned so much without acting properly, it would be good if he moved a little).

Wow, Seo and Kim were so passionate lovers!

In our press conference edit-video below, we can clearly see how cold and distant Kim was towards Seohyun:

It’s like a joke, but it’s true … Look at the guy’s face resembling a court door. He’s going to be paralyzed from tilting down in order to make his lips frown. The girl tries to get on her arm, but he pulls himself back so roughly and rudely. Officially three in one after the other players arrive, Kim is a meter away from the group. An additional actor has arrived, trying to get him with Seohyun, it’s as if we’re going to bite him. Kim Jung-hyun is a person who can normally be called a smiling face too! Very interesting…

Meanwhile, Kim was very emotional in the process and had to leave the series, citing his psychological and mental distress. He wrote a long farewell letter to his fans in order to forgive me that I was depressed.

Seo also did not attend the press conference of his latest movie “Recalled” to be released this week.

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