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Run BTS! Episode 128 / Harmonica Game

jungkook harmonica

The members of BTS really enjoyed episode 128 of Run BTS!  One of the most fun games of episode 128 was the harmonica game. The BTS members wear muted headphones and pick up the harmonica. The member wearing muting headphones tries to play a BTS song with his harmonica. Of course they don’t know how to play the song because of the muted ears. The real fun part is here. The members who think that they are playing very good give the other members a lot of fun moments who listen to the harmonica and try to know the song. For example, Jungkook takes the harmonica in her hand and looks so cute with her blue/purple sweatshirt. Jin asks “Save Me”, J-Hope “Dynamite” but V knows the answer: Boy With Luv

Later, V (Taehyung) starts playing. V first feels the rhythm and then continues with the stature of a classical music piece. Jin even asks if this is a BTS song or Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony. V even engrossed in the song does the final episode and his friends burst into laughter.

And another fun video comes from Jimin. Jimin says I’m good at this, he takes the harmonica, but he makes Jungkook laugh with his stance rather than harmonica. Jimin plays the song and harmonica with his whole body.

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