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RM’s Phone Case is on the Spot!

rm work-out

BTS RM once again went to gymnastics and shared a photo of himself in front of the mirror. The highlights of the photograph were listed by ARMY as follows:

1. BTS RM is working in the gym again! Muscles get stronger!

2. BTS just got back from the Grammy, but they keep working!

3. The tape RM wore on his forehead to draw sweat looks good on him!

4. RM’s leg muscles jumped from right to left too!

5. RM’s phone case is remarkable!

ARMY got very curious about the phone case and started researching it on the internet. They tried to figure out what the pattern was on the phone case. The phone case bears the Goryeo celadon pattern and color, symbolizing longevity and auspiciousness. Goryeo celadon represents a pale green-blue vase that is part of Korean culture.

The phone case brand Mimidar, which learned that RM preferred to use their own phone cases, offered their thanks through social media. They also shared a thank you photo on his Instagram account that read “The dynamite he shot up”.

The MIMIDAR brand also made a statement as follows:

“Fortunately, an artist who promotes K-POP and Korean culture around the world uses MIMIDAR’s Goryeo celadon. We try to promote Korean traditions. That’s why we appreciate everyone involved in MIMIDAR’s efforts. Many people ask about overseas shipping. It can be shipped abroad. Please contact us via DM. “

Seeing this, netizens hailed RM for remembering and using the forgotten Korean tradition and history. RM had previously placed one of the traditional Korean vases (moon jar) in the BE Room design.

ARMY Room designed by BTS Jungkook, Suga and RM


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