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Red Velvet Yeri is on the agenda with interesting tattoos and accessories

red velvet yeri

Red Velvet is a little quiet these days, but all of the members continue to be on the agenda. Yeri is featured in Arena Homme on February 20, Wendy in Marie Claire on February 23, Seulgi in Harper’s Bazaar on February 26, and Joy in Elle Korea again on the same day. Only Irene is not on that list, thanks the infamous fashion designer/editor, lynching that has been going on for months is unfortunately still going on. (In the meantime, I have read the two letters by the mentioned editor/stylist line by line carefully and she seems to have a hidden agenda that is quite different what she wrote…)

Anyway, in this article, we’ll talk about Yeri’s tattoos and accessories. First and foremost, she is a very beautiful idol. In the photos she shared recently, her accessory choices really attract attention. You can’t take your eyes off the bag , shoes and necklace bearing the label Louis Vuitton! Here are these exceptional pieces from the 2021 summer season collection carried by Yeri:

If you notice, the necklace is in shackles style. Ningning from the aespa recently wore something similar. This means in 2021 summer, this type of necklaces will be the fashion. Are you ready to go in shackles, friends?

As it turns out, this necklace that Yeri wears is very compatible with the tattoo on the nape of Yeri’s neck. This tattoo writes “stability”:

Just have a look at the cloth-clasp/hairpin of Yeri. It looks as stable as the Gordion’s Knot. If you remember, when Alexander the Great conquered Gordion, he tried to untie the Gordion’s Knot with by his bare hands. It is said that whoever unties this knot will be credited as the one who will conquer all of Asia. But Alexander runs out of patience, got quite angry and cuts the knot with his sword. After all, he conquered all of Asia as it is foretold; however, he passed away at a young age of 33 due to a febrile illness. It is said that the reason for this was that he was cursed because of his impatience.

Let’s continue with the other two tattoos of Yeri.

The first of the two other tattoos of Yeri is “aurora”.

We may describe it as the beauty created by the first lights of the day. To describe it with a picture:

The last tattoo of Yeri is “influence”. It is of course important to have influence:

Finally, the style of Yeri’s tattoos reminded us of Taeyeon’s tattoos. Her tattoos write as: “cool”, “serenity” and “purpose”. These are always necessary for us.

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