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Recent short videos of aespa members


Aespa made a very good debut to the Kpop world and continues to be on the agenda. Four fun short videos shared by aespa members recently will be the subject of this article.

Let’s start with Giselle first. She uploaded a TikTok the bottom two short videos from her V-log. Isn’t she look gorgeous?

On the other hand, Karina stumbles and staggers while trying to climb up a three-step ladder to the stage. She acts like a cat which sees an approaching vehicle while crossing the street and running back to the starting point. She looks so cute! She laughs herself, too!

Ningning had introduced shoes that reflected her own design the day before. As it turns out, not only design but also production of the shoes belonged to her. You can watch how she decorates and colors her shoes with her own hands:

Finally, we see Winter singing the song “Tell Me” with a karaoke microphone. Other aespa members walk around in casual, comfortable clothes and they look great, too.

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