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Petition for the cancellation of Jisoo’s Snowdrop is shocking!

snowdrop teaser

This week, BLACKPINK’s beautiful vocalist Jisoo’s drama was on the agenda. Part of the script for the TV series Snowdrop has been leaked. With the allegation that the “real history” was distorted in the leaked parts, the situation got up and nearly 100 thousand signatures were collected overnight for the cancellation of the drama!

In detail, we investigated what the signatories were stuck with. The first is the claim that North Korea played no role in South Korea’s democratization process. However, in the script of the series, we have the opposite situation! Even the male lead actor in the North Korean agent role (see Who is Jung Hae in?) is shown in a position like the driving force of the political transformation process. They also complain about the character that Jisoo plays. What is the purpose to present a young girl who stands out with her “activist” aspect in real history as a “love bug”? 

The second issue that drew reaction is the following: The South Korean secret service claims that it has an obvious directive effect on the drama. The signatories against the drama this claim. They say that the series was under political influence and distorted the facts. The point they highlight is that the democratization process has not progressed smoothly and a lot of people have been hurt in this process. Everything in the series is just the opposite:  only sunshine and flowers!

While this side of the business proceeded like this, a few photos from the series shootings were displayed and reflected on the internet. Especially based on the photograph of the two leading actors sitting together on a bike, the “shippers” do what they always do: ship Jisoo with Jung Hae-in!..

You can feel that sweet smile even in this photo of Jisoo in a very vague resolution. Lovely Jisoo!

Yes, as the series gets closer, the action begins to top! We follow the developments with enthusiasm!

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