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What is the NCT Dream COVID 19 Test Result?

chenle photo

NCT Dream members tested negative in the COVID-19 test. On April 5, a statement came from SM Entertainment: “Chenle was negative in the COVID 19 test, but he is currently in quarantine of his own accord because he has been in a shared environment with a positive company employee. Other NCT DREAM members still have no communication with the employee. They also had COVID 19 tests and the test results were negative. “

NCT Dream members, who worked for their comeback in April, had to postpone their exit as a result of the events caused by COVID. A source from the agency shared information as “NCT DREAM is working on a new album and we will share the news with you as soon as the work is finished” .

Since Chenle is the DJ of the TBS eFM radio show, NCT Kun temporarily replaces him for now.

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