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Lisa Teaching the NCT Taeyong Movement to Interns

lisa kick it

BLACKPINK Lisa mentored a group of trainees in “Youth With You” for the dance choreography of NCT 127’s legendary song “Kick It” in episode 4 of season 3. Lisa noticed from the very beginning of the choreography that some of the trainees were not fully capable of Taeyong’s move. She wouldn’t have looked at it, she got up and showed how the movement was done, that is, she gave the right to mentoring.

One of the prominent and beloved dance figures in the NCT 127 “Kick It” song is the gentle stepping movement performed on the fingertips with Taeyong in the center.  Many idols have studied and applied the Kick It choreography to showcase this figure of Taeyong.

Lisa told the trainees that they need to make the body movement sharper and how the body wave should be done. Lisa explained her dance figure practically. What caught the eye while making this move was also how thin Lisa’s waist was.

Watch Lisa’s “Kick It” choreography mentorship for the interns below:

If you want to see the Taeyong dance figure:

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