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Lisa and the bald contestant incident: the little known reason

blackpink lisa mentor

BLACKPINK Lisa, as the mentor the dance contest, asked the bald contestant Liang Sen: “Your head (bald) is shining, I was very curious if you put on makeup or something?”. And so she got a huge negative reaction for this.

When watching it for the first time, one cannot help but think how mean she was for asking such a inappropriate question! How does such a thought come to a person’s mind? As if this was not enough, she literally ask a question as such?

When I dig it a little bit, if I do not get it wrong, the fact that I understand is the following: Liang Sen’s competitors had a conversation (indeed a false rumor) about “his putting makeup on his head” and Lisa heard about this. That is why she had sud a mischievous thought She could not stand during the competition and asks that inconvenient question … So this s bit devilish question did not come to mind from nowhere, which would indicate she was more of a Sith than a Jedi lady.

Curiosity is a dangerous delicacy, and inquisitive kitty Lisa was a victim of this; and she received a very serious reaction.

By the way, Liang Sen’s name would never be heard, but everyone in the Kpop realm knows about him right now.  That’s the positive part of the story…

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