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Kpop girls idols had chosen their prince…

bts jimin

In the past, Kpop Idol Olympics were held, which was closely followed by fans in a carnival-like atmosphere. Isn’t it like a dream now?

Now we travel to past. At one moment of these Olympics, the announcer explains: The girl idols were asked:

When you are in a running race, which male idol would you like to wait for you at the finish line?

Who do you think got the most votes as a result of the answers given to the question?

Of course JIMIN !!!

The commentator next to the announcer makes his comment: “He has a cute, baby face but a real male body!“.

It seems that Jimin caught the attention of the commentator before. Ha ha ha. If you wonder what he means by “a real male; i.e. manly body”, then have a look:

Here’s the announcer’s explanation, the commentator’s awe-inspiring interpretation, and Jimin’s gaze of triumph:

After watching the footage, you must be keeping the tempo as “Ji-min Ji-min” … Exactly keep it up!

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