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“Kingdom” Performances: Stray Kids, SF9 and ATEEZ

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Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War” has released a preview of the three remaining performances for the first round! In last week’s episode, THE BOYZ performed with iKON and BTOB. The other three bands, Stray Kids , SF9 and ATEEZ will perform in the next episode.

From the trailer it looks like Stray Kids’ performance will be a mix of “Side Effects” and “God’s Menu” performances. While SF9’s Inseong comments “Wow…” while watching Stray Kids, ATEEZ’s Wooyoung writes and shows his friend Changbin’s name on his phone screen.

SF9 then gives a passionate performance of “Jealous” with mirrors, and this time Changbin comments “very attractive” in support of his friends.

Afterwards, ATEEZ performed “From The Wonderland” Symphony No. Voices 9. Bobby from iKON shows that he likes the performance.

Finally, TVXQ, presenting the competition, explains the ranking of the first round based on expert judgments and voting from the rival groups. Let’s see what will be the result?

Kingdom next episode 2-minute trailer below:

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