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Jungkook Vlive was a lot of fun!

jungkook v live

Jungkook turned Sunday into a festival with his sudden V-live. His new hair style immediately attracts our attention! The light tail in the back looks great. Sweet bunny, you are Jungkook! He manages to show off his new hairstyle without notice. There were fan requests in this direction, Jungkook always delivers what ARMy wants. Good boy!

You can watch the whole of V-live. Let’s share a few moments that stand out from the front, let the excitement multiply:

First, a new one was added to Jungkook’s signature mini kisses. Here is that great moment:

Jungkook dropped his phone, and then wrapped it with tape. It’s a little makeshift, but it does the job. There may be people who would say: “You are such a rich kid, go buy a new one”, but Jungkook does not waste anything. He took the necessary temporary measure until it was repaired in professional hands. Again, good boy!

Jungkook sang live UGH! during the V-live! He turns into a rapper here. He’s having fun too!

Jungkook keeps snacking during V-live. How happily he shows the dinner plate. You devourer!

At one point, while chewing a huge bite, he starts stretching movements from his seat. His blood is boiling, he cannot sit where he is sitting 🙂

Every once in a while, Jungkook gets into a sad, uneasy mood. Hahahha!

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