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Guess what the result of Jungkook’s personality test is :)


BTS Jungkook posted today (05.10.2020) on Weverse . In his post, Jungkook shared a selfie photo, wrote the note “I am an artist” and shared with us the result of his personality analysis test below his photo:

According to the Jungkook personality test, the ISFP-A type / character was released. People with an ISFP-A personality are assertive adventurer. They are sociable, adventurous and constantly monitors what is going around them.

We think Jungkook’s personal analysis test turned out to be correct! Although Jungkook is described as being withdrawn and timid at the first sight, his artistic direction and his eyes constantly scanning his surroundings confirms the personality test.

You can also try the personality test implemented by Jungkook from the below link :


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