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Jungkook in the Producer Chair (Film Out OST)

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BTS‘s new song “Film Out” will be the official soundtrack for the Japanese movie “Signal” . The Japanese-made movie called Signal is a spin-off of the 2018 Japanese TV series. This drama series is based on the original Korean tvN drama series for 2016.

BTS previously sang the song “Don’t Leave Me” for the Japanese drama OST.

As seen in the credits, Jungkook’s name appears between parentheses, which means he wrote the credits for the track.

“Film Out” was produced by both Jungkook and Japanese rock band Back Number member Iyori Shimizu. It has been received that Jungkook proposed a new melody on top of Shimizu’s original tune. A statement came from BTS:

“Film Out”, a song we made with Shimizu and we got caught up in the tune after getting the demo. The melody and lyrics are like an emotional pop ballad. We think this song will spark many hearts.

After the poster was released, fans who saw Jungkook’s name among the producers ran to social media. “PROD JK” has become a worldwide trend.

If you want to watch the 90-minute trailer of the movie and listen to its music:

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