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Jungkook Called “Genius” in Italian Press

jungkook pied piper

BTS Jungkook was featured in the popular Italian magazine magazine “Panorama”. Jungkook’s name was mentioned in the magazine alongside Vincent Van Gogh, Robert Redford and Charlie Chaplin. The story is as follows:

Jungkook has a talent for excellence in all branches of art, which is why he is called “Golden Maknae”. Jungkook has a lot of artistic and physical talents as well as a starlight. The brand or product touched by his hand breaks sales records. A change in hairstyle or color breaks records on Twitter. This may reflect Jungkook’s leading and glamorous personality. Other celebrities born in the Year of the Ox include Walt Disney, Margaret Thatcher, and Barack Obama.

A short video from the performance of Pied Piper in which Jungkook demonstrates his voice and vocals and performs the visual show:

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