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Jungkook Bracelet Sold Out!


BTS Jungkook is known as the sold-out king. Because whatever Jungkook wears, eats and drinks on V Live or at his performances, his fans want to buy what he wears, eats or drinks. The latest example of this happened to Jungkook‘s black stone bracelet she wore during her last V Live stream.

While watching the live stream, we felt that Jungkook’s bracelet would attract ARMY’s attention. Indeed, it was so. However, this bracelet has a beautiful and special meaning. The brand name of the bracelet Delixir is generally known for helping abandoned stray dogs with nowhere to shelter.

Fans both liked Jungkook’s bracelet and indirectly helped stray animals. Because this bracelet, whose price is about $ 17, was sold on the website in a short time and sold out. While the brand was shocked by the intense demand, it expressed its gratitude and promised to do its best to meet the increase in the number of orders. This can be briefly called Jungkook effect !

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