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Jungkook Becomes the Face of Grammy News!

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BTS failed to win at the 63rd Grammy Awards, but it sure won the hearts of Americans! In particular, Jungkook was the owner of the most used photos of the Grammy award ceremony, from media outlets Grammy news to local fans. In a nutshell, Jungkook has become the face of the Grammy Awards news!

First of all, Jungkook became the face of the news on the Grammy’s official website in the highlights section of 2021 GRAMMY. It turned out very cute too … By the way, this is not the first time for Jungkook. Jungkook’s photo has previously been used by many other prestigious media outlets such as Forbes and the BBC to represent BTS.

Popular British magazine The Guardian shared a frame from Jungkook’s Grammy performance representing BTS in their Grammy 2021 news summary featuring BTS.

American media channel Sun Sentinel, in its special report, where he mentioned the highlights of the Grammy Awards 2021: Top Show Moments, said, “In this shot, BTS’s Jungkook is performing at the 63rd Grammy Award Ceremony” in the section about BTS. published.

Another popular media outlet, Variety, featured Jungkook in its article “Top 10 Moments That Brought BTS to the Grammy Awards Ceremony”. According to Variety, Jungkook’s winning of People Magazine’s Jungkook “Sexiest International Male” award contributed greatly to BTS’s rising social profile.

Additionally, Jungkook enlivened the news of Harper’s Bazaar, People, E! News, Us Weekly, Vulture and many more media channels and magazines.

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