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Jin and Jungkook Slow Motion Fight Scene

jungkook jin bts bomb

BTS members are on the stage of VMA “Dynamite” in the video BTS Bomb released on April 3, 2021 on BANGTANTV. They took a break. BTS’s oldest hyung (who is the ultimate maknae as a character) attacks Jimin first, while all the other members try to stand and rest. Jin has always been reciprocated by his Jimin, this time without notice, he taunts Jungkook. Do you think Jungkook will be outdone? There is a slow motion fight scene between them. Very enjoyable to watch 🙂

Here are Jungkook and Jin slow motion scenes. Let’s take a note: Jungkook beats us all on land in the air. Tattoo love us 🙂

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