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Jimin Plays with Helium Gas

jimin hellium

In BTS Bomb released today on BANGTAN TV , Jimin started playing games with helium gas that they used to inflate balloons. BTS members decorate a hall to celebrate BTS ‘7th anniversary. Jimin also blows balloons. Then he suddenly has a clever idea and asks Jungkook next to him if I should change my voice with Helium gas. Then he breathes the gas in the balloon and starts singing.

Jimin’s voice is thinner, but no matter how low his tone is, Jimin sings the song with the same expressiveness and timbre. For some reason, when Jimin’s voice changes, he always wants to rap. He hangs with his friends saying, “This is how my voice changes when I start rapping.” While Jimin sings, his friends continue to decorate the room without losing sight of him. They must be used to these aspects of Jimin.

Below is a BANGTANTV video of Jimin playing and singing on helium gas:

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