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Jimin exposes Jungkook and Jungkook strikes back!

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BTS participated in KBS’s exclusive talk show Let’s BTS . Throughout the program, members of BTS sang their songs, danced with comedian Jang Do Yeon , answered questions and gave fans moments of fun. Jimin brought up a memoir about Jungkook from the Map of the Soul ON:E concert as the members of the roundtable chatted with each other on the show. At the online concert, the members performed for their own solo song. While Jimin was fascinating in his performance of his solo song “Filter”, Jungkook appeared with “My Time”. Jungkook was pretty attractive in this solo performance.

The subject was the shirt that Jungkook wore for the performance of My Time.

Jimin said that Jungkook didn’t turn his shirt down that much during the exercises. Jungkook opened the collar of his shirt more than he did at the concert. Jungkook unfastened a few more buttons of his shirt during the concert. Not all the members who heard this could stop their laughter. However, Jungkook was not outdone. He said to Jimin, “Hyung! I copied this from you.”

Jungkook is not wrong either. Every time Jimin performs, one shoulder of his jacket goes down for some reason.

You can watch the episode where Jimin describes Jungkook’s shirt below:

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