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Jimin is so sleepy

jimin sleeps

One of Jimin’s insatiable states is when he is sleepy … Let’s take a look at those poetic states of sleepiness:

First, let’s watch the video of those moments when the charismatic Jiminchi passes out of sleep. We are watching a complete beauty monument with his sleepy looks. Only in the middle, when he touched his cheek with his fingers, it seemed to me that he was alarmed, “I wonder if I drooled” 🙂 Not even the loud fuss of Suga and J-Hope can awaken him! First he becomes unable to hold his head, and then he starts to doze off where he sits. When he says to stand up, it feels like he staggers and almost falls. What happened to the slouchy lad, Jiminchi? Finally he goes and throws himself on the seat. Let it go, ohhh, “I must sleep!”

In the second video they are debuting from a stadium, Jimin is officially asleep. Pink cat that sleeps-walks out to you!

We are in the third video. Jimin is at the hairdresser. He dives into the depths of sleep. Come on, admit it, you are all thinking about the sleeping beauty at the hairdresser. What a sweet slumber!

Finally, we see Jimin at the dressing table. How tired my bird is, how sleepy he is … How is it possible not to get lost in those looks …

How did you find the sleepy Jimin?

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