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Jeongyeon’s sad name change story

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TWICE’s beautiful and troubled star Jeongyeon hasn’t always been called with this name. Born in 1996, the icon’s name was Yoo Kyung Wan until the age of nine. But at this age, his name was changed by court decision. So you wonder why?

Its original name means “delicate and elegant”, “talented and beautiful”. Actually, isn’t she like that? Exactly the meanings that reflect it. But unfortunately, this beautiful and meaningful name did not help her well, because she was bullied because of her name.

In a live broadcast she attended in 2016, Jeongyeon was expressing sincerely:

“My name was a big trouble for me, I was experiencing incredible stress.”

The trouble stems from this: Jyung Wan is more of a name given to girls, but at its core it is a unisex name. At that time, two very famous baseball players had the same names with her. Also, famous K-Dramas such as Stranger, City Hunter and The Promise have male characters of the same name. That’s why they made fun of Jeongyeon saying “Kyung Wan-oppa (big brother)”.

When Jeongyeon got into so much trouble and stress, her mother went to court and changed her name to what it is now. Jeongyeon literally means “permanent stability”. So it doesn’t have a very girly meaning, but it sounds like a girl’s name. It also resembled the names of her sisters.

When her name was changed, she was so happy that she constantly wrote her name on blank papers and screamed with joy. Poor heart of a child, how much she resented the previous experiences …

Look what that poor girl turn into such a goddess:

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