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Jennie’s Deleted Nurse Scene: Was it the right thing to do?

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The nurse scene featuring Jennie in Lovesick Girls MV was condemned by nurses and nurse unions.

YG Entertainment evaluated the situation and announced that those scenes would be removed from MV. However, some of the BLINKs got quite angry with this situation. They did not want the video’s originality to be spoiled, and they criticized YG for not standing behind their artists and artworks.

We share with you the scene without the nurse to replace the scene with the nurse to be deleted. Jennie is again performing great. However, it seems that the previous one was better.

My take from the scene with the nurse was such: The nurse was the same person with the patient. The implicit message was that the best cure for our psychological or inner problems is again ourselves. She was talking to her inner self in that scene to heal herself. It is so natural that the appearance of the nurse matches to her normal life appearance. It was her imagination. Do we have the right to interfere into the intra-heart-to-heart talk of Jennie to Jennie? I think not!

What do you think?

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