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IU: “I Didn’t Love Myself When I Was Little”

IU you quiz

IU gave specific information about herself in the last episode of the talk show “You Quiz on the Block”. IU pointed out that she actually disliked herself when she was younger.

The singer and actress attended the 100th episode of the talk show “You Quiz on the Block” as a special guest. According to IU, she was actually a big fan of the show. IU said: “I watched You Quiz a lot. Even if I missed the show when it first aired, I’m watching its rerun. I also watched the highest-rated “BTS” episode.”

IU spoke in her own episode that despite her great success as a celebrity, she struggled to embrace herself during her teenage years.

IU expressed he feelings as follows:

“When I was young, I hated myself. I didn’t think I was beautiful, and it was like that until my early 20s. Twenty-five years old was the turning point.” “I think I know myself now” is mentioned in the song “Palette”. The reason I write these words is because I think to myself that there is nothing to be disappointed or surprised anymore. I accepted myself, good and bad things. I want to be friends with myself. ”

IU continued; “When I texted or spoke to someone suffering from insomnia, I was saddened and the person I was talking to fell asleep before me. I thought to myself: “This is my time”.

IU continued, referring to the choir episode of the 2017 hit track “Palette,” “The reason I wrote the words ‘I think I know a little now [who I am]’ is because I felt like there was nothing left to do. Nothing left me more disappointing and I was surprised myself. Finally, I was able to acknowledge both my shortcomings and strengths. I finally managed to love myself. “

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