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Hyunjin’s Splendid Return and Performance of “Miroh”

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Our eyes are so open wide! Hyunjin is back on the pitches (and he is flying over the stage at one moment; literally!). And Stray Kids performed a magnificent “Miroh” performance. It all happened in the Kingdom quiz show!

Miroh is already one of our favorite Stray Kids songs. Changbin, one of the best rappers in Kpop, proved that they sang the song live by rapping faster than the beat. Although the choreography is superhuman, Stray Kids members perform with all their might in a bleak way.

We really like Stray Kids’ warrior concepts. Here, too, they turned into werewolves without going too far from their warrior identity. Hyunjin’s hair has grown, hasn’t lost anything from her performance, and has even become fitter.

Make this Stray Kids Performance record!

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