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Hyunjin’s Brand New Black Hair (Dior Boy)

hyunjin black hair

Hyunjin has had his iconic long pink and blond hair since their comeback to “God’s Menu” and “Back Door”. Today he turned into a “Dior Boy” with his brand new black long hair wrapped with Dior brand band.

Jungkook attended the Golden Disc Awards Ceremony with his blond hair yesterday, and then Hyunjin shifted from blond to black. Too much of a cultural shift in a single day! We announce January 9, 2021 as “hair color change day”!

Hyunjin performed in SSAK3’s “Beach Again” song with THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae and IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung on the Music Core MC program with his new black hair. Hyunjin’s new hair color has been a big deal among fans and has become the trend topic of the day.

They say dark hair looks younger. We think that blond hair made Hyunjin look mature from his age and it suits him well.

Let’s see what kind of images Hyunjin will give to his black hair in the coming days. Are you ready, STAYs?

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