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Howon University’s New K-Pop Girl Group: Azer

azer elegante

A girl K-Pop group has been formed for the first time from the K-Pop department of Howon University. Members of the Azer group are still studying at Howon University.

The band’s name is Azer and their debut song is Elegante . The song was written by freshmen in their first year at university. Netizens liked the song very much. It becomes clear that the song was performed with trained voices.

The Howon University K-Pop department was established in 2019. The aim of the department is to develop and improve the quality of the K-Pop industry. The group’s name being Azer means University because Azer means “The First Woman of Humanity” . It was the choice of a name worthy of the first girl group of the university.

Professor Shin Yeon Ah is also the leader of the vocal group Big Mama, who participated in the vocalization of the choral parts of the song. Shin Yeon Ah works as a full-time academic in the K-Pop department. Howon University’s music department has produced many Korean stars. For example, Lim Pil, Na Yoon Kwon, Baek A Yeon, Son Seung Yeon, Yoo Sung Eun, Wanna One / Kim Jae Hwan, Jang Jae In, BTOB / Lee Chang Seop, and Lim Hyun Sik graduated from the Howon University Practical Music Department.

We are sure you will like the music video of Azer’s Elegante:

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