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‘Hopeworld’ statue made in the name of J-Hope

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Located in the south west of South Korea, the city of Gwangju is also the birthplace of BTS J-Hope. The beautiful son of  Gwangju eventually reached number 1 on the Billboard Charts, and a statue named “Hopeworld” is positioned on one of the most popular streets as the birth city of J-Hope, one of the best rappers and dancers in the K-Pop world.

The sculpture, designed with the letters “HOPE” stacked on top of each other, is inscribed with 21800 messages of ARMY’s from all over the world from America, Brazil, Palestine, United Arab Emirates to Nepal.

The statue is located in K-Pop Star Street of Gwangju city. It was built by Gwangju City Administration and K-pop Art School.

K-Pop Street, harboring J-Hope’s sculpture, is full of colorful wall art. The wall right behind the statue was designed and painted from top to bottom, dedicated to Hope World. It’s chirping like J-Hope’s character. We hope one day it will be possible to visit the city of Gwangju and see the Hopeworld monument on K-Pop street.

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