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GOT7 Disbanded!


GOT7 has parted ways with JYP Entertainment. GOT7 members decided not to renew their contract with JYP. GOT7 signed its first contract with JYP in 2024. The 7-year contract period has expired. For days, what decision GOT7 members would make was eagerly awaited.

The news received is as follows: “All of the GOT7 members are very close. They wanted to stay together, but they disagreed on which company to stay. They talked and discussed a lot, they finally decided to go their own way”.

The clearest known information about what the members will do after GOT7 is disbanded is that:

  • Jinyoung will sign a new contract with BH Entertainment.
  • Yugyeom will join AOMG,
  • Youngjae will join Sublime Artist,
  • Jackson will join Team Wang,
  • Mark will return to America and open his own YouTube channel.

Information from another source says:  “Members love GOT7. They promised to take the time to do GOT7 promotions.”. Interesting…

As we understand, GOT7 members have decided to go their separate ways. We wish it the best for them.

Let’s delve into nostalgia. Below is the first teaser of GOT7 released seven years ago. Too sad…

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