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The GOT7 and JYP broke away!


While the members GOT 7 members (except Jackson and Yugyeom) stopped following JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin Young on social media, Park Jin Young also stopped following them.  The boss even stopped following the GOT7 group account.

Band member BamBam was asked by a fan as such:”JYP group members are unfollowed, what do you think about this?” He answered the question by sharing the following meaningful picture:

BamBam also deleted the following two photos from his account. The first photo featured a poster with JYP showing GOT7 on his chest in a Superman-style gesture with the note “JYP is the best.”

In the second photo, there was a snapshot showing the group members in the same frame with their boss.

BamBam‘s social media movements created excitement among fans.

No offense to Park Jin Young, but he just didn’t show the care and attention deserved by these kids. The last time they came back with Breath MV on November 25, 2020 (the news is here), they hadn’t been promoted properly even for three days; which drove GOT7 fans crazy.

We will keep watching the developments.

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