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Girls’ Generation will comeback with 8 members!

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Legendary girl group Girls’ Generation together with Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung are gearing up for their first 8-member comeback after leaving SM Entertainment. According to the information received, the Girls’ Generation group members were likely discussing the preparations for their expected comeback. An insider statement is as follows:

“Although the agency of the band members changes, it is true that the members are constantly talking about a new album. The members of the group have good relations with each other. Girls’ Generation members are trying to set a date according to their busy schedules. It is known that their schedules like May or June will intersect. The band members are busy with their own albums, dramas and TV programs, so they try to agree on a timing that suits them. If they can find the appropriate time, they will also publish music.

Girls’ Generation group members always keep their relationships with each other warm. There is always a sincere atmosphere in social media posts. They celebrate their birthday together.

SM Entertainment has not made any statements regarding the Girls ‘Generation members’ plans to come back together.

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