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Girls’ Generation Tiffany Drank So Much Water!

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Girls’ Generation Tiffany had so much water that she began to distinguish water brands by taste. Tiffany and Do Kyung Wan attended the final episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros . In order to test whether Tiffany could really distinguish between different brands of water, they made her pour 5 different brands of water into glasses and taste them.

Tiffany started drinking from the waters one by one. Then she knew the water brands she tasted. Tiffany got all 5 of the 5 brands right! The water brands were as follows: Evian, Icis, Baeksansoo, Samdasoo and Pyeongchangsoo. She also listed the different features of each. According to Tiffany, some can be swallowed easily while drinking, some are refreshing after drinking, some taste the same regardless of their temperature.

As a result, Tiffany is one of those who drink water and stay healthy! Perhaps the secret to Tiffany’s skin beauty stems from her drinking plenty of water. It is not difficult to distinguish between purified and untreated water, but can you understand the difference in taste between spring waters?

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