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For Red Velvet, Is This a Sign of Breakup? Or Is It Just Exclusion?

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Red Velvet fans are worried about the danger of disbanding. The reason is that SM Entertainment’s new product lines for their groups do not contain any products belonging to the Red Velvet group. According to some, this was the harbinger of the breakup, while a number of fans claimed that the group members were mistreated.

SM Entertainment’s official merchandise store SMTOWN STORE regularly releases new products for fans. The latest line of products was a series of keychain designs featuring the band name, release date and official colors for each SM Entertainment group. Below you can see the keychains for Super Junior and SHINee.

Tag-shaped keychains are prepared and released for aespa, NCT127, NCT DREAM, WAVY, SHINee and Super Junior. There are even keychains of TVXQ, Girls’ Generation and EXO groups that have not made a comeback in the last year.

Only one group is missing: Red Velvet … Red Velvet, which made their comeback with their latest hit Psycho , has not been active for months after the unfortunate accident of the group’s main vocalist, Wendy. . After Wendy got healed, they released two new singles. One was the “Milky Way” cover voiceover and another was the OST of the Start-Up series Future. This is strange as Red Velvet comeback is expected in the first half of this year. Except for keychains, Red Velvet was also not included in handbag products released on February 23.

ReVeluvs shared their anger on social media for discriminating against SM Entertainment as they feared Red Velvet’s breakup.

Another unfortunate incident on the subject was experienced by the Place. Yeri has said that Red Velvet’s comeback will be delayed due to the YouTube show Yeri’s Room. However, Yeri’s Room program was unexpectedly canceled.

It is believed that all these events may be a sign that Red Velvet will disband in the near future. The group’s contract will expire in August this year, when Red Velvet reaches its 7th anniversary. If one or more members decide not to renew their contract with SM Entertainment, Red Velvet may be disbanded.

SM Entertainment has yet to reveal why Red Velvet was dropped from their product collections.

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