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Felix Will Bake Cupcakes for his Fans

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Stray Kids Felix answered questions from fans during a V Live. A fan asked Felix “When will you make the cake?”  Felix replied as such: “I asked what kind of cake should I make. They said the banana cake would be great.”

As for the banana cake request from fans, Felix actually said she had something different on his mind. “I’m going to make a cake but it’s a small one. So I will make tiny cupcakes. Then I will eat each of them one by one. I will share with you. It is going to be fun”.

Due to COVID-19, Stray Kids and the fan group STAY could not meet face to face for a long time. Felix wanted to meet his fans and give them some cupcakes he made.

Felix: “If I have a chance to meet STAY, I want to make and give them special cupcakes.”

Felix wanted to place small notes next to the cakes. Felix says: “I will write a small letter. It will be fun. We can also shake hands a little. I will try to cook well until that day comes. I’ll make preparations. So … don’t worry”

Felix continued: “I had an idea when I was making those cakes. So… what was it? There’s icing on the cupcakes, right? Anyway, I’ll make yellow icing. And I’ll draw a chick. I want it to look cute. It was an idea. I hope STAY likes my cake. “

Hearing that Felix was going to bake the cake, STAYs were very happy and offered Felix different ideas about cupcakes.

Felix had previously cooked brownies for his fellow band members.

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