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EVERGLOW members’ situations that make them say “the sameus”…


Let’s watch the short videos of Everglow members and say “Oops, they are same as me / same as us”?

First, let’s watch EVERGLOW’s Yiren‘s test with a bottle. Yiren, who wants to put the tablet in his hand on the bottle, portrays the stages of trial, retrying, coercion and acceptance of def…..

This time we’re watching Eu . She is lost in her thoughts. Deeply lost…

Sihyeon and Yiren react when they hear a rumor. After such instances, a delicious elaboration, evaluation and guessing turns into a long, lovely conversation.

Here are one of my favorites. Aisha and Eu’s epidemic of laughing. When Aisha laughs (slightly plumply) at something they’re watching, Eu bursts out with the same intensity of laughter involuntarily … It’s a common occurrence in close friends. It is as if their tails are united and their nervous systems are common as in the movie Avatar …

Finally, a friend tries to tell something serious or trying to solve and explain it; her friend is busy of teasing. These friends destroys the most difficult things in the world, concentration and motivation. They efen hurt country’s economy. But we cannot do without them.

How, did it sound familiar?

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