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ENHYPEN New Album Song List Released

enhypen border carnival

ENHYPEN will be making a comeback on April 26 with their new mini album “BORDER: CARNIVAL “. ENHYPEN released many trailers within the scope of the album release preparations. The track list of their new album BORDER: CARNIVAL has also been announced. The title track of the album will be “Drunk-Dazed” . ENHYPEN’s new concept is dark and a bit scary. The list of songs is as follows:

1. Intro: The Invitation
2. Drunk-Dazed
4. Not For Sale
5. (Mixed Up)
6. Outro: The Wormhole

ENHYPEN released a special teaser video for each of its members for its new album. ENHYPEN members turned into gothic princes. For example, you can watch the videos of Jake and Jungwon below.

Would you like to look at the poses of ENHYPEN members as gothic princes?

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