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ENHYPEN becomes a DIOR model for Dazed Magazine


Kpop idol groups do “modeling” tasks for famous brands. It’s almost as if some groups, especially some of the girl groups, are doing the modeling as their primary job and musicianship as a secondary job. See the members of BLACKPINK and RED VELVET… Almost each member individually appears in two magazines each month, as well as giving a group interview.

Thus, ENHYPEN’s DIOR modeling photos, which will be published in Dazed Magazine Korea, felt like medicine. Apart from them, we can often see BTS members and also STRAY KIDS members to feature in mags. EXO members who are not in the military are also leaking into the magazine pages as much as they can, but that’s almost all in terms of boys…

Let’s start with the video footage first. There are images taken from two different frames, one in widescreen format and the other in phone screen format:

How charismatic aren’t they?

Look how cool are they? First of all, the “hair-styler” deserved a good tip. Secondly, when the faces of all of them are characteristic and beautiful, and accordingly the photographer has focused more on the children’s faces than DIOR dresses! … No harm, as we most probably here as ENHYPEN fans rather than actual DIOR customers …

Let’s take a closer look at the group members one by one:








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