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Box Opening for Jungkook’s Dicon Edition


Jungkook continues to be on the agenda with the poses he gave for the 10th issue of Dicon magazine. Before the magazine was released, a copy was sent to the famous actress Kim Hee Sun, and she opened the magazine for us.

Korean actress Kim Hee Sun speaks from the heart and she she is hilarious. She expresses her admiration of Jungkook in a very cute way. Here is the video:

We observe that the Dicon Magazine come with many extras! It looks as a must-have item!

Images from Jungkook’s Dicon shooting are also haunting. He lies on his bed in a romantic room; no one. can resist such a beauty!

Actress Kim mentions about black leather outfits of Jungkook… He is exactly one of the idols who carries the black leather outfit the best. Muscular legs and a slim waist are critical elements for the stance of the pants, and in terms of both, Jungkook has a unique competence! Boots also look striking. They are from0 Celine label and are priced at $ 1950.

He is a legend…

Here are images from Jungkook’s Dicon shots that will make enchanted:

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