Latest Music Videos of Korean K-POP groups.

4 weeks ago

Dynamite Choreography by Jungkook, Jimin and Suga

BTS members are filming the “Dynamite” in the music video for BTSBomb, which aired on BANGTANTV on April 10th. Some parts of the choreography in Dynamite MV have been left...

4 weeks ago

Red Velvet Wendy tells about her solo album

On April 5, Red Velvet Wendy’s debut solo album “Like Water” has been released. Accordingly, Wendy made an interview and shared her thoughts on her first solo album with her...

1 month ago

BLACKPINK Rosé “Gone” MV arrived!

BLACKPINK Rosé posted a poster stating that it will release the music video of her emotional track “Gone” on April 5, 2021 as her second solo music video. Gone is...

1 month ago
jungkook film out

The emotional “Film Out” music video from BTS is so special

BTS’s songs for Japan are always full of emotion; you close your eyes and get caught up in the flow of melodies and go to unknown lands for a moment....

1 month ago

IU tops the charts with “LILAC”!

IU quickly entered and topped the charts with her new album released on March 25 with the title track “LILAC”. IU’s long-awaited 5th studio album LILAC is on the top...

2 months ago

Purple Kiss’s Chaein’s hairstyle attracted all the attention!

Purple Kiss made their debut on March 15, 2021 after releasing their pre-release single titled “My Heart Skip A Beat” in November 2020. You can watch the debut track “Ponzona”...

2 months ago

BLACKPINK’S Little-Known Sad Songs

Curious about BLACKPINK ‘s little known sad songs? BLACKPINK’s famous and catchy clips are usually consist of fast pieces, colorful costumes, and vivacious clips with lots of circular movements of...

2 months ago

BTS’s MTV VMA “Dynamite” Filming BANGTAN TV Video

In the BTS video released today on BANGTANTV, BTS members are in the video for the performance of the MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony. First of all I can say...

2 months ago

BLACKPINK Rosé Opens YouTube Channel “ROSÉ”!

BLACKPINK Rosé launched her YouTube channel “ ROSÉ ” and released its first video. It’s been a week since Rosé’s debut solo album and debut track “On The Ground” was...

2 months ago

Rosé smashed both Youtube and Spotify records (Again!)

Shaking the agenda with his solo album, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé’s “On the Ground” music video broke the record for the most watched Korean soloist with 38.6 million views in the first...

2 months ago

Rosè “On The Ground” Music Video Released

BLACKPINK Rosè released her first solo music video for the song “On The Ground” for her first solo album “R”. “On The Ground” was produced by Teddy and 24 with...

2 months ago

BLACKPINK Rosé “On The Ground” Teaser

BLACKPINK Rosé has released its second trailer for the music video for the song On The Ground from her solo album. In the music video, Rosé walks out of the...