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12 hours ago

When Is BTS Comeback? and “BTS, THE BEST” Posters Here!

It was rumored that BTS could make a comeback with a new album in the last week of May 2021. According to a new report by News1, BTS will be...

3 days ago
bts bang bang 2021

New BTS Concert “BANG BANG CON 2021” is so soon!

BTS shared exciting news for 2021. BTS, according to Korea on Saturday, will hold a concert title “BANG BANG CON” on 17th of April, 2021 at 15.00 KST. It is...

3 days ago

ITZY is Back with “Guess Who”

ITZY shared exciting new information about their upcoming comeback! ITZY has released the track list for their new album “Guess Who”, which will be released on April 30, 2021. ITZY’s...

6 days ago

A Gift to Jimin from his Fans: “JIMIN SHOP”

Korean fans of BTS Jimin are holding an exhibition dedicated to Jimin named “Jimin Shop” in the Gangnam district of Seoul. In fact, the exhibition was planned to be held...

6 days ago

When will BTS V’s Solo Album KTH1 be released?

It is not known when BTS Taehyung‘s solo album KTH1 will be released, in 2021 or later. However, we can start from a number of explanations of V. First of...

1 week ago

f (x) Victoria Stopped Working with SM Entertainment

f (x) Victoria parted ways with her long-time agency SM Entertainment. On April 9, SM Entertainment responded to reports about Victoria’s departure from the agency: “It is true that our...

1 week ago

Red Velvet Wendy tells about her solo album

On April 5, Red Velvet Wendy’s debut solo album “Like Water” has been released. Accordingly, Wendy made an interview and shared her thoughts on her first solo album with her...

1 week ago

SM Entertainment Launches “SM Studios”

SM Entertainment restructured its system for subsidiaries. On April 5, SM announced the establishment of SM Studios, a new subsidiary entirely owned by SM Entertainment. All SM shares in SM...

1 week ago

Is BTS Coming Back in May?

According to reports on April 5, BTS is preparing for a comeback. To a question on the subject, a source from Big Hit Music said, “We will share plans about...

2 weeks ago

BTS and Michael Jackson “Dynamite” Choreography

A comparison of the dance choreographies of BTS and Michael Jackson has been made and the similarities to the Michael Jackson figures in the Dynamite choreography are displayed. We more...

2 weeks ago

BTS Became the First Korean Artist to be Nominated for the BRIT Awards

BTS is making history in the UK, making it the first Korean artists to be nominated for the BRIT Awards. On March 31, the British Phonography Industry (BPI) officially announced...

2 weeks ago

HOTSHOT Disbanded!

HOTSHOT’s agency is Star Crew ENT. At 30 March, he reported that the group was formally disbanded. The official statement of the agency is as follows: Hello. We are Star...