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3 weeks ago

New K-Drama “Imitation”

The upcoming K-Drama, named Imitation, is related to the three fictive idol groups SHAX , Sparkling and Tea Party.  It will be prepared by being inspired by a webtoon about...

3 weeks ago

Is SNOWDROP canceled or to continue?

A signature campaign was held in the previous week calling for the cancellation of SNOWDROP. What happened then? The previous week, a petition was organized for the cancellation of the...

3 weeks ago

Seo Ye Ji leaves the cast of drama “Island”

Actor Seo Ye Ji has left the cast of the upcoming K-Drama “Island” cast because of allegations about Kim Jung Hyun. After Seo Ye Ji decided to quit the drama...

1 month ago
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Offers for “Actor” Taehyung coming at record prices!

In addition to being such a great vocalist, Taehyung also showed off his acting talents as “Hanseong” in the 2016 historical K-drama of KBS 2TV channel “Hwarang”. At that time,...

1 month ago

Petition for the cancellation of Jisoo’s Snowdrop is shocking!

This week, BLACKPINK’s beautiful vocalist Jisoo’s drama was on the agenda. Part of the script for the TV series Snowdrop has been leaked. With the allegation that the “real history”...

2 months ago

Taehyung’s unforgettable “Sweet Night” is one year old today

It’s been exactly a year since I start to watch the Itaewon Class series and Taehyung, who gave the soul to this series with “Sweet Night”, wrote and composed this...

2 months ago

Love Alarm Season 2 Has Released!

The second season of the Love Alarm series, which has been expected for almost 2 years, is finally on the air. The second season of Love Alarm consists of 6...

2 months ago

Love Alarm Season 2 Trailer Released!

Love Alarm, which is delayed due to COVID and made us wait for its second season for almost a year, will be released on Netflix on March 12, i.e. in...

2 months ago

The Most Handsome Korean Male Actors in 2020

When entering 2021, this year, as every year, the most striking and prominent male actor list of the previous year was published. This list has been prepared by a Taiwan-based...

2 months ago

Snowdrop set video stirred a discussion: Is it Jisoo or not?

Interestingly, the shooting of Korean dramas is done secretly as if it were a state secret. We’ve been reporting on the Snowdrop series for months, only once we could see...

2 months ago

GOT7 Youngjae and (G) I-DLE Minnie star in new NETFLIX sitcom

NETFLIX shared photos from new sitcom “So Not Worth It“, which will be a NETFLIX original content. The program is about a group of students from different nationalities studying at...

3 months ago

NCT Doyoung Starring in “Cafe Midnight Season 3”!

NCT ‘s main vocalist Doyoung will star as Kim In Yi in “The Curious Stalker“, also known as “Sanbok Sanbok Stalker”, in MBC’s new drama Cafe Midnight Season3.  The first...