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Here you can find fitness and diet secrets, training programs, etc. of K-POP Stars and K-Drama Actors and celebrities popular in Korea.

2 months ago

What if BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jennie become basketball fairies?

Our agenda nowadays is quite busy, but let’s go back in time a little bit. The year is 2017 , BLACKPINK has come a long way in a short time....

2 months ago

Who is the Only TWICE Member Who Doesn’t Need to Use Foundation for Make-up?

Each of the TWICE members has an exceptionally cute and beautiful face. They are fascinating even without make-up. But there is one among them; thanks to her flawless skin, who...

2 months ago

BTS RM Reveals Why He Is Working Bodybuilding

RM, charismatic and intellectual leader of BTS, recently explained why he has been training with weights and building muscles. Before we start, let’s give some praise to RM . He has...

2 months ago

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Instagram Post from Pilates Station

The beloved member of BLACKPINK Jennie shared a special photo she took at the Pilates Station on Instagram today. She added the following note to the post: “Here is where...

2 months ago

MAMAMOO Hwasa and Moonbyul Talks About Their Diet Motivation

MAMAMOO stars Hwasa and Moonbyul told us about the motivation behind their diets. On November 11, MAMAMOO appeared in the episode ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘ as a guest. When it...

2 months ago

What Is BTS Jimin and Jungkook’s Secret For Abs?

One of the former trainees of Big Hit Entertainment , Jihoon was trained together with BTS members during their trainee time. Also known as Brightoon , Jihoon shared some of...

3 months ago

Which BTS member has the best legs?

Curious about the BTS member with the best legs? You can indicate your own preference by filling out the questionnaire at the end of our article. All of the BTS...

3 months ago

BTS RM Shared His Recent Muscular Development and Fat Ratio Target on Weverse

BTS member RM, the fitness phenomenon of the recent months, shared with us his recent muscular development and bodydfat ratio after his health check-up in his Weverse post today. He...

3 months ago

V and Suga Were Spotted During A Bodybuilding Workout!

V and Suga from BTS have surprised us with their muscular development via weight training. Here is the story… We know that the members of BTS were occupied about two...

4 months ago

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Diet and Fitness Secrets

Those who are curious about diet and fitness secrets of Jennie, you are wellcome. To start with, let’s have a look into the facts and figures I calculated for you:...