Here you can find news from Korean fashion, the clothes worn by Korean celebrities, the accessories they use, mobile phones, bags, glasses, etc.

1 week ago

Actor in SnowDrop Drama Jung Hae In Becomes ‘JM Solutions’ Face Model

Jung Hae In, who will star in the drama SnowDrop with BLACKPINK Jisoo, has become the model for global skincare brand JM Solutions. Jung Hae In is known for his...

1 week ago

GIVENCHY gets its hands on the mediocre style of aespa

I recently wrote a critical article on aespa’s style (see: aespa-clothing-style). I criticized the SM Entertainment for dressing the girls in a very ordinary and mediocre way off stage. Honestly,...

2 weeks ago

BLACKPINK Rosé, aespa Karina, Girls’ Generation Yuri: One Sweater

BLACKPINK Rosé, aespa Karina and Girls’ Generation Yuri presented different combinations with the same sweater. The sweater in question has white-blue stripes and is Ganni brand. The sweater, which costs...

2 weeks ago

Have You Seen Taehyung’s Ponytail?

ARMYs were delighted with BTS‘s performance of “Butter” on Good Morning America. BTS members, who changed their hair color and model a lot during their Butter promotions, did not surprise...

2 weeks ago

Fashion icon Jisoo continues to create her own style

Every member of BLACKPINK is also making a career in the fashion sector. Everyone’s “bias” can be different, a few days ago ex-IZ*ONE member Miyawaki Sakura mentined: “My BLACKPINK bias...

2 weeks ago

Jimin is Back to Black Hair!

Yesterday we saw photos of two black-haired BTS members walking around the HYBE Museum. There was an incredible conversation among ARMYs about who these two black-haired people were in the...

2 weeks ago

Why is aespa’s clothing style so mediocre?

Well, who is dressing these girls so plain, irrelevant and even weird from time to time … They have already created a mixed song, borrowed from the action-packed movie Fast...

2 weeks ago

ENHYPEN becomes a DIOR model for Dazed Magazine

Kpop idol groups do “modeling” tasks for famous brands. It’s almost as if some groups, especially some of the girl groups, are doing the modeling as their primary job and...

2 weeks ago

Miyawaki Sakura looks adorable in a Kerastase commercial

Miyawaki Sakura is undoubtedly one of the favorites of the transfer market that opened after IZ*ONE disbanded. Although she is a favorite of the marketplace, she is not one of...

2 weeks ago

Red Velvet Yeri is very impressive, again!

Nowadays, Red Velvet’s charismatic member Yeri, who focuses more on her modeling career (and even her acting career from time to time) than her music career, adorns the fashion magazines...

3 weeks ago
bts fila summer

BTS’s New FILA Ad: This is our Summer

BTS’s new FILA commercial titled “This is our Summer” published. In the commercial, the BTS members look just as hot and gorgeous as the summer months. Let’s take a look...

4 weeks ago

aespa “Next Level” press conference, new album gospel and GIVENCHY advertisement

aespa has released the new song “Next Level” today. While we were waiting for aespa’s new song, the GIVENCHY ad came first! Band members held a press conference this morning...