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2 weeks ago

BLACKPINK Rosé, aespa Karina, Girls’ Generation Yuri: One Sweater

BLACKPINK Rosé, aespa Karina and Girls’ Generation Yuri presented different combinations with the same sweater. The sweater in question has white-blue stripes and is Ganni brand. The sweater, which costs...

2 weeks ago

IU Bought Home

We think this month has been home buying month for K-Pop idols. RM, after Jimin, we just found out that IU bought herself a penthouse apartment worth $11.7 million (wow!)....

2 weeks ago
jimin 8 anniversary

K-Pop Individual Idol Rankings May 2021 (Male/Female Mixed List)

The Korea Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s individual brand reputation rankings for idols. The rankings were determined by analyzing the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction and community awareness...

2 weeks ago

TWICE’s “Taste of Love” Trailer Released

The warm,  refreshing and summer-song vibed trailer/promotion video for TWICE’s “Taste of Love” has been released. In the trailer, the girls are either walking on the beach or preparing cocktails...

2 weeks ago

Taemin Joined the Military: He’s a Soldier Now!

On May 31, 2021, SHINee‘s Taemin was enlisted. Surrounded by fans and members of the press, Taemin went to the Korean Military Headquarters in Nonsan. After Taemin receives basic military...

2 weeks ago

EVERGLOW’s “First” Dance Choreography Video Has Arrived

EVERGLOW broke their own record with their “First” music video, and we can be confidently say that the group escaped disbandment due to financial concerns. The EVERGLOW “First” music video...

2 weeks ago

EVERGLOW’s “FIRST” MV Crosses 50M Views in the first week!

EVERGLOW‘s latest music video, “First”, was critically acclaimed and gained YouTube views faster than EVERGLOW’s music videos ever released. Whether we are making news at 10 million or at 20...

2 weeks ago

Will Red Velvet Make a Comeback?

Red Velvet Yeri hinted that Red Velvet could make a comeback as a group of OT5. On May 31, 2021, on Bubble, Yeri stated that Red Velvet will be making...

2 weeks ago

Where Was BTS “Butter” Special Performance Video Filmed?

BTS released a special thank you “Butter” video for their “Sweet Army” yesterday. In the video, the BTS members were in a nice sunny spot with a view of the...

2 weeks ago

BTS ‘Butter’ Special Performance Released

BTS ‘Butter’ Special Performance Video was released on BANGTANTV. You won’t be able to get enough of watching BTS members in yellow and blue in real daylight! We loved Butter!

2 weeks ago

Taehyung’s surprise muscle show!

V couldn’t stand still, and we are so lucky that he couldn’t. He shared two very nice and sexy videos, but then he removed these videos. Fortunately we have saved...

2 weeks ago

Is Jungkook living in the house he bought in January 2021?

Jungkook’s new house, worth $7 million & bought in January 2021, is located in the Itaewon neighborhood, five minutes from “NINE ONE Hannam”, where RM and Jimin bought their new...