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1 week ago
run bts caterers

Run BTS! with two important developments

Run BTS! has two important developments that will come to the screen in the last episode. First, Run BTS! will collaborate with tvN’s “The Game Caterers” and we will be...

1 week ago

BTS “Butter” Single Coming Out in May

BTS is coming with “Butter”. The pre-sales of the song Butter, which will be released on May 21, 2021, have started. The trailer of the song features a yellow oil...

1 week ago

BLACKPINK Becomes the First with 4 MVs to Pass 1 Billion Views

BLACKPINK became the first K-Pop group to surpass 1 billion views with 4 music videos. BLACKPINK’s video of over 1 billion views as of today is “As If It’s Your...

1 week ago

3rd Generation K-pop Bands are Lasting Longer

The “generations” of K-Pop groups are determined by the bands’ release date or music or major events / changes in the industry. The first K-Pop group known is H.O.T. Currently,...

1 week ago

EXO Chen’s Daughter’s First Birthday Celebration

EXO Chen’s daughter, born last year, grew up and her parents celebrated her first birthday. Father Chen celebrated his daughter’s birthday party in a very luxurious hotel. Chen and his...

2 weeks ago

Do BTS Provide Financial Support to Their Families?

BTS recently participated in KBS’s special show “Let’s BTS” and answered questions from host Shin Dong Yup. The questions asked by the presenter included the most frequently asked questions by...

2 weeks ago

Did BTS V Really Reply to ARMY’s Message?

You may be wondering if BTS is reading the social media posts her fans posted about them. We think BTS is somehow reviewing most of the posts about themselves by...

2 weeks ago

ENHYPEN’s magnificent comeback with “Drunk Dazed”!

When ENHYPEN debuted, it came to mind that the vampire concept and the heavy sound on top of it were a bit too much for those so young group (all...

2 weeks ago
jimin jungkook blondes

April 2020 Idol Brand Reputation Ranking Announced

The Korean Business Research Institute has announced its April 2021 brand reputation rankings for singers. The rankings were determined using big data collected from 24 March to 24 April ,...

2 weeks ago

BTS become Louis Vuitton ambassadors!

Famous bag and clothing brand Louis Vuitton declared BTS members as “House Ambassadors”. Louis Vuitton is one of the most reputable fashion houses and on the FORBES list it has...

2 weeks ago

TXT is Coming Back in May

On April 22, TXT reported that they have plans to release a new album at the end of May and is making the final touches to the album. Many world famous...

2 weeks ago


BTS Suga and RM’s “MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E CONCEPT PHOTO BOOK Short Movie” aired minutes ago on BANGTAN TV. Let’s watch it below: