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24 hours ago
jungkook v live

Jungkook Vlive was a lot of fun!

Jungkook turned Sunday into a festival with his sudden V-live. His new hair style immediately attracts our attention! The light tail in the back looks great. Sweet bunny, you are...

24 hours ago

BTS to Perform Solo at GRAMMY!

Suga’s wish, which has been expressed over and over again, has finally come true! BTS will perform as a stand-alone artist in 2021 GRAMMY. The giant march continues by getting...

1 day ago

Jeongyeon partially attended the TWICE in WONDERLAND concert!

TWICE in WONDERLAND concert was held on March 6. At the concert, Jeongyeon, who took a break for psychological problems, received treatment and recently announced her recovery, also attended the...

1 day ago

Is it possible to claim bullying by just saying “I was hurt”?

In this occasion, (G)I-DLE’s Soojin is exiled. Just after Hyunjin… There was a sentence like “The lemonade incident is not real” in the defense letter of Soojin. See where the...

2 days ago

BTS V Surprise Birthday Party

J-Hope and Jin are preparing a surprise birthday cake for Taehyung in the new BTS BOMB released on February 7, 2021 on BANGTANTV. The cake is very stylish, fresh blueberry...

2 days ago

BTS Jungkook BE-Log Video Released!

The fifth video in the BE-Log series comes from Jungkook . A new video series called “BE Log” started airing on BANGTAN TV as of March 2. Every day, the...

2 days ago

BTS Jin BE-Log Video Released!

The third video of the BE-Log series came from BTS ‘s Hyung Jin. A new video series called “BE Log” started airing on BANGTAN TV as of March 2. Every...

2 days ago

Suga BE-Log Video Released!

The fourth video of the BE-Log series came from BTS’s Agust-D Suga. A new video series called “BE Log” started airing on BANGTAN TV as of March 2. Every day,...

2 days ago

Ariana Grande Adds BLACKPINK to Her Playlist

Ariana Grande added two BLACKPINK songs to her Women’s Day Remix to Apple Music’s “Who Runs the World” playlist. Which two songs did you think she chose? She gave place...

2 days ago

ARMY Asks: Where Is BTS Now?

Where is BTS now? It may be a coincidence, but ARMY, is arguing over the hypothesis that BTS may now be out of South Korea. Some BTS fans think BTS...

3 days ago

Jungkook shared a song midnight at 3 am! ARMY hear this!

BTS Jungkook shared the bridge section of the song Dis-aese at 3:00 AM KST on Weverse. The vocals are amazing! You should listen to the 45-second Jungkook post!

3 days ago

Rosé was named “Visionary Woman” by Apple Music. Here is Rosé’s parts list …

Apple Music selected BLACKPINK’s talented vocalist Rosé as the “International Women’s Day – Visionary Woman” within the framework of the 8 March Women’s Day events, and Rosé’s track list was...